Everything you need in one place.

Every service that Netpro offers is designed to bring best in class solutions to your organization. With a wide range of customizable solutions, our goal is to provide you with a hosting environment that can keep up with your growing needs.

Some of our products
  • Servers

    Netpro is a proud partner of Intel servers and products.  Ask us how we can build you your very own Intel server today!

  • Workstations

    Netpro sells a wide variety of workstations and custom built solutions.  We can help you pick out that perfect tablet, laptop, workstation or any other device you need to help keep your business going.

  • Networking

    Switches, routers, access points…everything you need to keep information moving through your network at lightning speeds.

  • Virtual Private Cloud

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  • VOIP Equipment

    Want to save a TON of money?! switch to VOIP services and let us show you just how much we can save you.  With quality yealink phones working with the cutting edge 3cx phone system Netpro is a leader in VOIP technology!

  • Video Surveillance

    Have multiple locations or a need to monitor your location from remote?  Netpro carries a variety of Video over IP solutions that is sure to help feel safe and secure.